READY Made Robotic Collaborative Lathe Tending Solution for Medium and Large Tubular Parts, Medium Speed, Medium Capacity

  • Human Collaborative solution
  • No safety fence required
  • Optimized for small parts and high speeds
  • Reduced Cost Feeder
  • Up to medium weight parts (10kg or less)
  • Medium takt time (cycle time of 30 or greater)


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Includes the following

  • READY Controller Integration Hub, Kit
  • READY Touch Screen
  • READY Teachmate, collaborative
  • Breakout Box for PLC I/O
  • Single copy of a Forge/OS license
  • Task Canvas – Award winning visual programming application
  • One year subscription to Forge/Sight for IIoT analytics
  • UR e-Series Connection Kit
  • Long Reach, Medium Payload Universal Robots UR10 Collaborative Robot pre-configured for Forge/OS
  • UR10e Teachmate Mounting Kit
  • Cost Effective Feeder for Tube Stock
  • Welded Robot Stand with Mounts for READY Controller and robot controller
Please Note: Installation and integration services are not included, but can be provided for an additional cost.
Average lead time is 30 days or less, but is subject to product availability.
Shipping costs are not included.

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